Hello, I’m Heather!

I want to take this chance to introduce myself, and shed a little light on what I’m trying to do with the Fox and Compass.

I’m a work from home mother of two amazing daughters and a spectacular stepson! My husband and I met in 2016, and we’ve been navigating the blended family, alternative parenting lifestyle ever since!

As a kid, I was homeschooled for several years, and my family was pretty open-minded about things such as religion, sexuality, and even family structures. I grew up to have an open mind, and am now educating my daughters to be as open-minded and accepting as I strive to be.

I always intended to homeschool my girls, and to raise them to think freely regarding education and religion, but circumstances surrounding my divorce forced me to have to put the girls in school for a few years.

When we moved to Houston, they attended a school where they both fell behind two years in math. My oldest was in gifted and talented but even her grades in English were slipping, so I made the decision to pull them out and begin educating them myself. Two years later, I’ve caught them up to grade level, and they are so excited about school they are surpassing even that!

I hope to be able to help all parents who choose to homeschool, especially those who parent in unconventional ways – whether they be polyamorous, atheist, tattooed, or the crunchiest of families. I accept and love all, and I am raising my children to do the same. It’s a philosophy I hope to spread, especially given the tumultuous world we are currently experiencing.

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