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The Best Products for Homeschooling

When you’re first getting started homeschooling, it can seem a bit like a labyrinth of information and that can be a bit overwhelming. One of the biggest questions you’ll probably have is, “what supplies do I need to homeschool?” I’ve compiled the following list to help you start, and I’ve divided this list into two distinct sections.

The first section will be items that you should only have to buy once. These are tools you will use on a weekly, even daily, basis.

The second section will consist of supplies that need to be replenished every now and then.

Homeschool Tools

  • Laminator
    • I use my laminator all the time. Seriously. When I bought it, I thought I’d use it for a project here or there, but I am constantly finding new projects to use it on. Buy this thing and you’ll be laminating everything!
  • Globe
    • These are just handy to have for quick reference. The one I’ve linked is simple and it lights up! I don’t know about you, but my kids love stuff that lights up.
  • Map
    • The map I’ve linked is large and laminated. You could use dry erase markers on the surface to aide in lessons!
  • Quality Dictionary
    • We have this children’s dictionary and my kids love it! It’s illustrated and helps them to learn how to use the dictionary as well as provide them with the information they were looking for.
  • Printer
    • Let me tell you, I hate printer shopping. I hate the printer industry. If I didn’t need one, I wouldn’t have one. But I will say, I do like my little Canon. She’s wireless, and the ink doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. She will still print even when the ink is “low,” so I can use up the entire cartridge before having to replace it.
  • Magnetic Whiteboard
    • A whiteboard is good to have on hand for lessons, daily to-do lists, quote of the day, and more! We like this one because it’s large and it came with a proper eraser. Tip: NEVER USE WINDEX TO CLEAN YOUR WHITEBOARD! It will cause the ink to stain the board permanently. Use a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol to one part water, or buy a proper cleaner.
  • Three-hole Punch
    • You can get a pretty simple one for only a few pages, but we have one that does more pages at once and I have to say, it’s so incredibly useful.
  • Stapler
    • Similarly to the hole punch, purchasing a stapler that can handle more pages at once is probably a great idea.
  • Paper Cutter
    • Remember how I said having a laminator would have you wanting to laminate everything? Well, you’ll want something to save your wrists from aching after cutting out all your freshly laminated projects!
  • Paper Shredder
  • Planner
    • Being a homeschooling parent comes with a lot of dates, times, and schedules to keep track of. Buy yourself a sturdy planner with a calendar and notes section to keep track of everything you’ve got going on!
  • Fabric Scissors and Craft Scissors
    • Definitely, buy a pair of each! Fabric scissors should only be used for fabric so they don’t go dull, but having a pair (or seven -because scissors just seem to grow legs and wander off) of craft scissors will help immensely for paper projects.
  • Usborne Books

Basic Homeschool Supplies

  • Lined Paper
  • Notebooks
  • Printer Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Notecards
  • Laminator Sheets
  • Sketch Books
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Erasers
  • White Glue
  • Glue Sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • Tape of all sorts (scotch, washi, masking, duct, etc.)

A Final Word

This is just a basic list of what we use all the time in our studies. Your list might look different, might have less or even more, but this should be a good starting point for your shopping!

What do you use frequently in your homeschool classroom? Leave a comment below!

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